Streamline your messy backend with a single platform

frontflip is the world's first consignment & resale platform for Shopify.

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Seller Portal

Give consignors easy access to sales, the ability to request payments, and submission of new items for consignment.  We can even handle shipping labels if you enable it in Settings.

Sales & Business Dashboard

Understand your business, up to the minute, at a glance. See total sales, inventory intake, and customers & consignors for any time range.

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Digital Payments

You can manually checks, pay consignors via PayPal, or securely send a direct deposit to their bank account. Consignors have a history of their sales, their payouts, and more via the seller portal.

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Packed with simplicity & power

Frontflip runs on the cloud (on Amazon servers), so there's no software to configure on your desktop, no messy drivers and no updates to install. So you can run your business from a tablet, home laptop, or on the go, with ease.
Mac, PC, iOS, & Android

Frontflip runs in your browser of choice and stays constantly updated with new features and fixes.

Built-in Pricing Suggestions

We consume realtime market data to help suggest prices for any items in your product catalog (think: sneakers, handbags, watches, and more).

Sync Instantly with Shopify

Sync products, customers, inventory, and orders from web & Shopify POS in realtime.

Manage products & images

Frontflip can be used as a source-of-truth for managing item particulars such as dimensions, sizes, and more.  

Consign any type of item

Manage one-of-a-kind items like handbags, clothing, & accessories as well as items based on a product catalog, such as sneakers.

Automate markdowns

Markdown codes help you assign templates of how items should be reduced.  You can adjust store/consignor split with each price adjustment!

Built-in Appointments

Help consignors with dropoff appointments and scheduling as part of the consignor portal.

Business At-A-Glance

Your business dashboard gives you a daily up-to-the-minute

Easy Employee Accounts

Ensure your managers have the access they need and cashiers do not.

Connect with the most versatile point of sale.

Sync directly with Shopify POS

You can use Shopify's seamless and secure POS system for unifying your in-store and online sales. Delight customers and consignors at every touchpoint and win back time to focus on what matters most.

Let your consignors shop via store credit

You can keep your funds internal to your business and bottom-line by offering to pay consignors via store credit. Add VIP discounts and pass along incentives to consignors to use store credits.