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Use our built-in product catalog to have a central source of product data

Use built-in product catalogs for segments of merchandise e.g. sneakers, handbags, watches, etc. to manage which products sellers can consign and what buyers can buy.

Add items using keyword search
Reduce repetitive input and use templates and a standardized catalog of items to streamline entry
Control your product listings
Control what sells on your site by via product catalog. Allow sellers to add only the products you approve for sale.
Add Products Faster
Setup product templates and allow sellers quickly list products, and variants according to your store
Optimize shopping & online conversions
No more having multiple listing for the same products from multiple sellers. Merge the same listings into one product.
No more double-entry

Keep everything in sync

Sync your in-store and online sales, with your consignment management in real-time.

POS and ecommerce, together. #finally
Frontflip syncs orders automatically between ecommerce & POS.  No need for double entry of order details.
Centralized order management
View all order information in a central place i.e. inventory sold, buyer and seller information, payout and more.

Manage the incoming flow of new consignment inventory

Understand what inventory is in-transit from consignors and incoming via dropoff. Supply chain management helps you manage the flow of goods as well as your storage costs.

Manage Consignor Payouts Precisely

Pay consignors digitally via ACH, PayPal, or via checks.

Secure, quick and easy payouts are available to any consignor as part of your business. Simply use our PayPal or Checkbook.io integration to handle direct digital payments, or handle payouts manually. Keep the relationship hassle-free in ensuring a best-in-class experience.

PayPal integration
We integrate directly and securely with your PayPal account to send payouts to consignor accounts with ease.
Checkbook.io integration
Checkbook.io is a 3rd party service that can send a paper check and envelope on behalf of your business.
Manual payouts via cash or check
Want to use your Quickbooks checks or write checks manually, or even do payouts via cash?  We got you.

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