Sneakers & Streetwear

Elevate your resale store with the worlds first sneaker consignment & buyout system.

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Seller Portal

Provide your sellers the ability to see their inventory, sales and more!

Product Catalog

Stop creating your own products!
Let us add the latest releases while you just search, click, and sell.

Digital Payments

Pay your sellers with a check, ACH transfer, or Paypal payout.

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Connect with the most versatile point of sale.

Sync directly with Shopify POS

You can use Shopify's seamless and secure POS system for unifying your in-store and online sales. Delight customers and consignors at every touchpoint and win back time to focus on what matters most.

Let your consignors shop via store credit

You can keep your funds internal to your business and bottom-line by offering to pay consignors via store credit. Add VIP discounts and pass along incentives to consignors to use store credits.